Welcome to Juan's Bot

The development of Juan's Bot started in July 12, 2019 by Juan de Souza, aged 19, with the goal of integrating absolutely all the solutions created and providing global accessibility for users through 4 supported languages, business partners, viewers, streamers and members in general. Currently, APIs (mainly REST API) and programming languages are used, which communicate for tasks.

Main Goal

With applications, interconnections and validations, Juan's Bot has an elementary objective in the entire process of the Juan de Souza Media brand, making solutions such as: Blog, Podcast, Stream, Games, Newsletter, Server on Discord become more accessible and have increasingly efficient automation, with low operating cost in currency and high performance.

Transparency and Privacy

As with all available solutions from Juan de Souza Media, transparency and your privacy are important factors for the brand. For this reason, since the beginning of the development of the bot, the adaptation to GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation - European Union) and LGPD (General Data Protection Law in Brazil) has already been carried out, so that the data collected and stored will not include name, photo, age, sex, gender, advanced data, bash or get / post data or derivatives. For more details on how your data is protected, I recommend consulting my Privacy Policy updated.

Key Features and Functionalities

Juan's Bot is a complete and integrated solution through state-of-the-art APIs and continuous improvements through pre-established algorithms, as you can see below, with full transparency on how it works:


In all my projects, solutions and services I prioritize accessibility and global inclusion. However, to make this possible, Juan's Bot has elementary functions, such as Machine Learning, Neural Translation Model Predictions and Artificial Intelligence.


Every new project starts small, but every good project can grow and reach an even larger target audience. To do this, you need to be prepared from the start and with Juan's Bot this process is very natural and integrated with all solutions.

Mobile Devices

Many years ago, computer access to the Internet was considered to be primary and elementary. Nowadays, we are in a reality known as "Mobile First". Therefore, all pages, areas, solutions and streams are prepared for Mobile.

Use of Information and Technologies

In a practical way, Juan's Bot uses and processes information that has prior authorization and scaled function through requests, in addition to protecting users and members of my Discord Server, for example. In this specific case, Juan's Bot uses Region, IP, VPN (if applicable) and Proxy criteria uniquely by the input address to avoid false users, hackers or people who have violated the Server Rules (available in 4 languages) .

There is also other information that is analyzed, automatically and without the help of a human being, for data calibration and synchronization - which are properly encrypted to ensure the security of information from end to end. Even so, information and data that are not relevant or no longer need to be stored, are automatically discarded automatically after 72 hours on average.

Another information that is also collected anonymously is the number of clicks on links within the Blog, Podcast, YouTube and Server on Discord, duly integrated by API and Tracking Code duly approved by Google Analytics, in order to measure engagement, retention and interaction in general and compose the Database with analytical data of which improvements can be implemented and which aspects and when they are working in their respective layers.

Additional and Complementary Information

I always believe that recognition is everything and giving credit and being even more transparent is of paramount importance. Therefore, in this section I will inform you about some resources that are currently used in Juan's Bot. As a standard, PHP is used as an interpretation interface and GET / POST / REQUEST requests via strings in the Database, in addition to React Native.

For integration on my Discord Server, the Node.js language is used, which communicates with PHP files on my server and connects with the Discord Public API. Recently, it was implemented by means of another bot "MEE6" roles that you can react through the post of a specific area, through the premium subscription of the bot.

With that, Juan's Bot collects general information (without personal information) to measure through an exported graph and integrated with Microsoft Excel, so that we can clearly see what is the best time to start live streams, languages to be used and other variables with accurate data and protected by SHA-512 encryption and the TLS 1.3 protocol.

Still, with each new article published on my blog or each new episode properly published on my podcast, there are tools integrated again via REST API to communicate with Juan's Bot, in order to enrich the data to increase the accuracy of translations and machine learning with texts written in WordPress with own plugin.